Figurine Photoshoot #18 Kirigaya Suguha Look Out Funimation, Competition Is About To Get Tough Another One Bites The Dust A Battle Between Love Live! and iDOLM@STER Lance N’ Masques Light Novel Series Gets TV Animation

Figurine Photoshoot #18 Kirigaya Suguha

Photoshoot of exclusive Kirigaya Suguha by Alter

Look Out Funimation, Competition Is About To Get Tough

For many years, streaming anime using the internet in a legal way has always depended upon services such as Funimation or Crunchyroll.

Another One Bites The Dust

It seems that another manga title has fall into despair after the Tokyo Metropolitan Government had decided to categorise Imoto Paradise! 2 manga has unhealthy.

Lance N’ Masques Light Novel Series Gets TV Animation

The light novel series titled “Lance N’ Masques” written by Hideaki Koyasu will be getting TV Animation.

Absolutely Duo Light Novels Get TV Anime

A Summer School Festival event by publisher MF Bunko had revealed that the light novel titled “Absolutely Duo” will be getting TV Animation. The anime will be produced by 8-bit studio. A short promotional video was also released announcing the anime adaptation. Novelist Hiiragi-Boshi created the series together with illustrator Yu Asaba in 2012. Currently, MF Bunko is publishing its […]

Last Movie of Evangelion to be Released in 2015

An announcement was made by Nippon TV that the last movie of Evangelion, will be hitting the big screen in the end of 2015. The TV station had also announced that a marathon special for three previous movie titles will be aired over the period of three weeks, starting from August 22. Evangelion is one of the most […]

Preview Screening Event of Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance, a new upcoming anime directed by legendary Shinichiro Watanabe and renown music composer Yoko Kanno. We were treated to a preview screening of the anime first episode by AniPlus HD, a channel offering the best Japanese anime for teens and young adults which is based in South Korea. The screening was held over at Cherry Credits, […]

Dakimakura Nowadays Just Keep Getting Better

Feeling lonely or your Dakimakura isn’t real enough? Don’t worry, technology is here to help you. A new Dakimakura that will be sold on Animate will be based on Augmented Reality technology that allows them to talk. In order to use this voice function, users must download a voice clip from the given booklet that come along with […]

Super Sonico Life-Size Oppai Mousepad

  Big, soft and comfortable. The guys at Soft Garage created a life size oppai mouse pad featuring Super Sonico with her huge tits. Just so you know that this mouse pad is for wrist-rest only and not for other sexual used.In order to make and feel as real as possible, the material is made with 2-way Tricot fabric that […]

Kusen Madoshi Kohosei no Kyokan Light Novel has Anime in Development

The publisher Fujimi Shobo had announced that the light novel titled “Kusen Madoshi Kohosei no Kyokan” will get TV animation. The animation is already in development at the time of announcement. Novelist Moroboshi created the series together with illustrator Mikihiro Amami since July 2012. The book is currently on going and the 4th volume will be releasing on July 19. […]

No Review No Life!

Sup guys, it’s finally the end of the season, and it’s me again! I have more time to do reviews nowadays but I can’t guarantee a review on everything that I’ve watched. The spectacular ones will definitely get reviews though, so today is the much-hyped No Game No Life! Quick Synopsis: Ever felt like you’ve […]

Isshuukan Review

Hey again! It’s Foxxie with review spams because the season is over!!! T_T This review will be about Isshuukan Friends! Quick Synopsis: Fujimiya Kaori is a quiet girl, she has a permanent poker face and always eats lunch alone on the rooftop. One day, some smug boy named Hase Yuuki decides to try and befriend […]

Reki Kawahara Want a Second Season of Accel World

Reki Kawahara the author of both Sword Art Online and Accel World, had expressed his desire for a second season of Accel World. Speaking at a panel session at Anime Expo 2014, where a fan had asked him whether a second season of Accel World would be on the way. He replied that Sunrise studio, the […]

Kadokawa Launch Vocational Schools for Anime and Manga in Singapore and Taiwan

Kadokawa, one of Japan’s major publishers had announced that they will be launching vocational school in Singapore and Taiwan. These vocational school will help young talent to develop manga and anime creator skills as part of the “Cool Japan” policy supported by the Japanese government. They are also planning to launch 10 more schools in ASEAN,  including […]