New Fate Series iOS/Android RPG Game Announced Fate/Stay Night ‘Heaven’s Feel’ Route Movie Announced New Fate/stay night TV Anime Will Follow Unlimited Blade Works Route Wonder Festival Summer 2014 Wonder Festival Summer 2014 Nendoroid Line-up

New Fate Series iOS/Android RPG Game Announced

Fans of fate series will soon get to play on their mobile platform iOS and Android

Fate/Stay Night ‘Heaven’s Feel’ Route Movie Announced

A new movie for fate series was announced by the staff and cast of the upcoming Fate/stay night anime.

New Fate/stay night TV Anime Will Follow Unlimited Blade Works Route

According to the staff and cast of the upcoming Fate/stay night, the anime has been confirmed that it will follow the original game’s ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ route.

Wonder Festival Summer 2014

This year’s Summer Wonder Festival has a lot of exciting anime figurines coming for you.

Wonder Festival Summer 2014 Nendoroid Line-up

Good Smile Company is showcasing Nendoroid that will be releasing in the near future.

AnoHana Staff Are Back to Make You Cry Again

  The people who made you wiped so much tears are back again. This time round in a new movie completely different from AnoHana original storyline. According to the staff at AnoHana Summer Festival in Chichibu, the movie will not be in a way related and no other information was given. However, they did stated that the […]

Triage X Manga Gets TV Animation

The official website for Triage X series was launched today, with an announcement that the manga series will be getting TV animation. If you have read the manga, you will probably realize the art are the same as HOTD manga. This is because both of the series are made by Shoji Sato. Although the second season […]

4th Season of Teekyu Anime Announced

The manga creator of the series Teekyu had announced on Twitter, that the anime series will be getting a 4th season. The announcement was also made at Teekyu High-Fiving Party event on Sunday. Teekyu manga was launched in  Comic Earth Star magazine back in early 2o12. Since then, the manga has been very popular and within months of the […]

ICDS 2014 Day 1

A total of 5000 people who are fans of anime and gaming and cosplayer attended International Cosplay Day Singapore last week. The event was organized by Neo Tokyo Project at the popular youth hangout area at SCAPE. Guests cosplay such as Kamui and Dat-Baka were pleased with the event and love the place here. This year event […]

Interview with Dat-Baka Cosplay

Dat-Baka Cosplay came to Singapore last week at International Cosplay Day Singapore. We managed to have an interview with him to talk about his fans and works of Cosplay. Q: When did you first started out cosplaying and what makes you want to cosplay? I started cosplaying around 5 years ago and what make me start […]

Interview with Cosplayer Kamui

We managed to catch up with Cosplayer Kamui as she attends her first Asian convention, International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS). She is known famously for making amazing detailed armor cosplay. She won many awards and was a grand champion at BlizzCon 2013. Books of learning how to make such armor props were also published by her. Q: When […]

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki chan TV Anime Slated for 2015

Last year, an announcement was made on the official haruhi website, that a spin off manga of “The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki chan” will be getting TV animation. Now, it has been confirmed that the anime will be televised and released on 2015. Other than that detail, no other information was given. However, we did suspect […]

Seraph of the End Manga Gets TV Animation

An announcement was made by people from Jump Square magazine, that the manga series Seraph of the end will be getting TV animation. More information will be released at a later date. The manga created by Daisuke Furuya and  manga artist Yamato Yamamoto, tells a story a world where all the human are killed by an unknown virus. […]

Rail Wars Anime Badly Censored in Japan

You might be surprised that Rail Wars anime is censored in Japan. The above images are one of the TV broadcast TBS in Japan that censored some pantsu shots. Whereas, in the overseas edition is went complete uncensored. We won’t consider this a good censorship but a stupid one. But at least, they are quite […]

Clannad English Visual Novel To Released On Steam

  Sekai Project, a distributor from North America had announced in Japan Expo USA, that Clannad English version will be released via Steam. The game will be a full Japanese voice with English description while playing. The game has already been adapted into many manga and TV animation. It also inspired some spin-off visual novel of characters from […]