New Fate Series iOS/Android RPG Game Announced Fate/Stay Night ‘Heaven’s Feel’ Route Movie Announced New Fate/stay night TV Anime Will Follow Unlimited Blade Works Route Wonder Festival Summer 2014 Wonder Festival Summer 2014 Nendoroid Line-up

New Fate Series iOS/Android RPG Game Announced

Fans of fate series will soon get to play on their mobile platform iOS and Android

Fate/Stay Night ‘Heaven’s Feel’ Route Movie Announced

A new movie for fate series was announced by the staff and cast of the upcoming Fate/stay night anime.

New Fate/stay night TV Anime Will Follow Unlimited Blade Works Route

According to the staff and cast of the upcoming Fate/stay night, the anime has been confirmed that it will follow the original game’s ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ route.

Wonder Festival Summer 2014

This year’s Summer Wonder Festival has a lot of exciting anime figurines coming for you.

Wonder Festival Summer 2014 Nendoroid Line-up

Good Smile Company is showcasing Nendoroid that will be releasing in the near future.

Animax Asia Month of February 2015 Programme Line-Up

This coming month of February, Animax Asia is lining up exciting programme just for you. First off, the exclusive airing of Strike The Blood which will premiere on 27 February.   Strike The Blood tells a story about Kojou Akatsuki who is a high school student who recently became a vampire.  But not only is he a […]

Game Review: Sakura Angels

  When we first saw this releasing on Steam, we were hopeful that the game will show off more “plot”. After playing the game, it didn’t disappoint us in anyway. But there is of course, room for improvement The developer Winged Cloud who created the successful fan made visual novel “Sakura Spirit”, launched a successor to […]

Second Season of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Announced

  According to the upcoming March issue of Megami Magazine, a second season of the anime “Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?” had been announced. The magazine will also include the staff and cast interview with new visual key. Of course, all staff and cast will return to reprise their role on the second season. Last […]

Taboo-Tattoo Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

  Anime adaptation for Taboo-Tattoo manga had been unveiled on the latest ninth volume of the manga. The anime is currently being working on. Shinjiro the creator of the series who also created the popular Fate/Zero manga version, launched the series back in November 2009 under Kadokawa’s Comic Alive Magazine. The story tells about a young man […]

Grisaia Game Trilogy Coming to Steam

  According to the official twitter account of Sekai Project, it was revealed that the Grisaia Game Trilogy has been greenlit for Steam under Steam Greenlight. The three titles included “The Fruit of Grisaia”, “The Labyrinth of Grisaia”, and “The Eden of Grisaia”. Steam Greenlight allows developers to promote their game or software, which the community will decide which […]

Sakura Angles Visual Novel Formally Launched on Steam

  Sakura Angles was formally launched last week on Steam by Sekai Project and has gained quite a lot of attention. It was known to be the successor of Winged Cloud’s Sakura Spirit. Sakura Angles arrived on Steam last week without any prior set date for launched.   The game story tells about 2 women, with […]

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Gets PS Vita Game

According to the latest issue of Famitsu Magazine, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata will be getting a game adaptation to PS Vita. The game will be played through a visual novel setting and you will play as the character Tomoya Aki. Just like the anime, you will have to make decision and side with other people who also appeared […]

Cross Ange Anime Gets Game Adaptation

According to the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine, it has been announced that the series will be getting a game adaptation. The game which will be released in PS Vita will be titled “Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryū no Rondo tr.” The game will not according to the anime series, but the story settings will […]

Kantai Collection Gets Arcade Game by SEGA

  Kantai Collection franchise will be getting an arcade game made by SEGA, which is due to be released this summer. Unlike the online game, the arcade game will feature real physical cards instead. The game and the character will be made in 3D as opposed to the online game. Although it will be released […]

Interview With Sora Tokui And Suzuko Mimori

  Both Sora Tokui and Suzuko Mimori had recently attended Anime Festival Asia 2014. This is their third time attending AFA since 2012. We managed to sit down with the rest of media group to hold this exclusive interview session. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the management and the organizer for this […]