Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride (Review)

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Quick Synopsis: The second season of the anime will focus on who will become a samurai bride.

Personal Thoughts: The amount of fan service in this anime is no difference from the previous season. Both season are just typically the same. But there is one differences between the two season and that is this season has more comedy, romance and lust. I think we all watch this because of the fan service in it.

The Review

Storyline & Plot: 6.5/10
Here a reason why its rated 6.5 for me. The story is typical like the first season. There were no excitement or whatsoever and you kinda like expecting how the story is going to play out. Which is boring. In fact, if you were to compare with the first season, it has much better storyline than the second season. It seems to me that they did not improved the story, but focus more on the fan service instead. But hey, at least there are new characters to spice things up a little.

Art & Character Design: 9/10
Excellent. The art was awesome even though its the same as the previous one. Especially the boobs, the boobs were done perfectly where you are see the boobies bouncing when they are in battle get teased by one of the characters. The art was also pretty amazing when there were transforming into a samurai. The black ink somehow signified about the era in which they lived in. Because black ink is used for calligraphy, before typewriter was introduced. As for the battle scene, I can see a lot effort were put into it, especially the final battle in the last episode. As for the character design, they were all hot looking especially Jubei and Gisen. As for others, I kinda find that monkey that transformed into a samurai quite cute. Which is why that chick with the hammer is jealous of her.

Entertainment & Execution: 7/10
Like I said previously, the story makes in boring. But the fan service is enough for you not to give any damn about the story. Since this anime is more about fan service, with all those bobbies and naked girls in hot spring, it is therefore entertaining. But other than fan service, the comedy plays a part too. Most of the fan service shown in the anime always had at least a comedic aspect.

Music: 7/10
Music? Meh. The opening was average and so does the ending with a bit of cheerful and bright song. Thanks to the bobbies, I didn’t really pay attention to the BGM.

Overall: 7/10
The anime is really nothing new. Previous samurai or sword and blade fighting related anime are all the same as this one. But the pulling factor that draws you into this show is the fan service, same thing that happen to other related anime too. So if you that kind of person, who doesn’t like fan service, this is really an anime for you. Personally, I starting to get bored on the same old thing being seen in such an anime like this. If there is a third season of this anime, I doubt myself as to whether I should watch it or not.

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