Love Live! School Idol Project Official Itasha

An event at Toyota Auto Salon Amlux Tokyo revealed the official Itasha car for Love Live! School Idol Project series. It was showcase to the public on March 2 in a special event between Toyota and Love Live!. The car model of the Itasha is Toyota Alphard G series, which is a full size mini van. Visitor can see the car as it is displayed at the first floor of the Auto Salon.

The Toyota logo at the front of the car was removed. So that it give a much better look at the Itasha design. Other than the mini van, there is also a rental car where you can drive around on the streets of Tokyo. This rental car is special as it is another Love Live! Itasha designed car.

The rental car model Toyota Aqua hybrid will be available for public who had a driving license, which due to their popularity, each are limited to traveling around Ikebukuro area for 60 minutes. Which cost around 1000 yen. The car is also integrated with character voice from the anime series. So if you used the GPS on the car, it will have voices from the characters which will tell you the direction of your destination.

The special live exhibition which include the special rental car will be held until March 31. Whereas, the Alphard G Itasha will displayed till March 29.


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