Oda Nobuna no Review

Hey there, I almost forgot about this awesome anime that I just finished. Today’s review will be about Oda Nobuna no Yabou (The Ambition of Oda Nobuna). It’s a historic-based anime with a few twists here and there, but since I didn’t know anything about the civil wars of Japan, it was rather enjoyable to me.

Quick synopsis: Sagara Yoshiharu, a typical Japanese teen that loves the Sengoku Era as well as everything in the same franchise. Out of the blue, he suddenly takes Kinoshita Tokichiro’s place and starts serving under the Oda Clan’s leader. However, ALL of the generals in that time are all girls! How will Sagara take this, and will he be able to help Oda Nobuna achieve her dream of uniting Japan and making it a free country?

Personal thoughts: This one wasn’t picked up by me initially because I thought it’d be the standard harem-y anime. But when looking around in the threads in forum, I noticed a very delicious bait. And so I decided to watch it. Shallow, I know, but I ended up watching one of the better shows this season, so it’s fine.

The Review:

Storyline & Plot: 9/10
Aside from the no-explanation on how he went to that world, everything else is generally history-based, so there isn’t any holes except for those that aren’t covered in historical records. Not everything is serious and according to the textbook though, there are occasional comedy inserts, mock events that cover plot holes in the history records, something which I personally like.

Art & Character Design: 9/10
Due to the setting being in the past, there’s no advanced technology, no skyscrapers, no TV. Just nature, nature everywhere. The character themselves are all just genderbent historical famous people, except for a few. All of them are appealing and bishoujo-ish. At least the ones that are supposed to be bishoujo is bishoujo, there’s also the loli ones for lolicons. Manly man stay manly man, traps and reverse traps stay androgynous and tomboyish. GOOD!

Entertainment & Execution: 8/10
I kinda marathoned this through in segments, so I can’t really say for people who were watching it week after week, but I really enjoyed the series. So much so that I watched past what I originally planned to watch while marathoning it towards the end. I don’t know how people could have stand waiting for 1 week while the episode was on a cliffhanger, I simply wouldn’t have been able to wait.

Music: 8/10
OP has a traditional feel to it, which is fitting for such a series. ED has good music, but the vocals weren’t really my taste. Music is good, but the vocals…. not to me. OST are mostly epic battle music. There are those playful ones for the comedy scenes, the gloomy ones for when the badguy is emotionally killing our heroes.

Overall: 8.5/10
Good show, definitely one of the better ones this season as compared to stuff like Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai, or Arcana Famiglia. Action wannabes but don’t exactly hold any action at all. This one has the shit down. It has manly sacrifices, loyalty, nakama-power, capture all the lolis so that they’re on your side, friggin’ ninjas that TELEPORT LOLWTF?! (and I’m not talking about the Naruto kind where they spend shitloads of time making weird handsigns). Definitely a good one, plus, it has a potential second season! Better watch before season 2 comes up, or you’re gonna miss out on quite a bit.

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