Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Anime Review



Personal Thoughts: I personally like music-related anime as well as series that features mythical weaponry. Like the first season, it definitely have the certain boom whenever there’s a fight scene and a certain level of yearning to learn what some of the relics are. Another thing thing that I could say about this series is the good sound track. Every character’s track goes well with their fighting style. Perfect mix it is.

The Review:

Story: 7.5/10

Basically, the series had a good mix of “music is power” concept and “ancient relic” concept. This season focused on fight against Dr. Ver who had keeps the Nephilim’s Heart, a relic that consumes other relics, and Gungnir which consumes Hibiki. As for the start of the season, fights scenes were gave good detail about the new opponents, Maria and the other symphogear users. But it had poor way of giving out details about the relics the new opponents have and how did they became what they are. AS the story goes by, it focused on Hibiki and Gungnir. It somehow overlapped without resolving the unexplained facts on the start of the series. IN a way, it had a plus and a minus. Minus since ideas would be cluttered because some facts from the previous episodes aren’t settled yet. On the other hand, plus since it somehow gave more interactions from Miku that definitely lead to another good event on the series. At the end part of the series, a lot of event happened and most of it are definitely unexpected. At least, they managed to stand up from the first few episodes. Lastly, the last episode was somehow predictable when the second to the last episode gave an idea of Dr. Ver’s berserk.


Art and Character Design: 7.5/10

Let’s first take a look on the character design of our symphogear users. As for their student and casual form, they are definitely good and there’s no problem. As for their symphogear user form, we give it a B since it is a bit more of a swimsuit with metals attached to it than a battle gear and Shirabe seems to have no foot with her symphogear. Yep, it may be unique but somehow not that much believable that that gear was mode for combat. Yes, there’s a theory that the less cover the stronger the armor is for female characters which actually lead the series to have a combat suit like that. But it definitely suits the characters. AS for the other features of the series, the Noise and Nephilim looks really awful and lacks certain amount of details but somehow understandable since they are more focus on how the symphogear looks and the relic would look. As for the other components such as the setting, definitely well design and well-researched.

Music: 9/10

Senki Zesshou Symphogear definitely aced this aspect. The opening 「Vitalization」 is really powerful and definitely boosts the viewers’ mood for each episode. A dynamic opening, good amount of beat and has no awkward sound that appears somewhere. AS for the ending theme, it is really powerful without good amount of emotions on the song. Both the themes of the series did well and definitely supported the “music is power” concept promoted by the series. As for the character songs, none of them sounds like the other one and every character’s song has a unique sound that well represents their fighting style. As for every background music for the series, they’re great and made good support for the scenes they are intended for.

Entertainment and Execution: 7.5/10

As for the being entertaining, it is entertaining and definitely offers a variety of both expected and unexpected events on the show. And definitely had its goal for the season without filling and focused more on content than exploiting fanservice. As for the execution, the start wasn’t that good enough and lack certain amount of details. But as the series went by, Symphogear G definitely explained every character’s intention as well as their feelings. Much more interaction from the characters as compared from the first season. Lastly, sequence of events made a good development for the series.

Overall: 7.75/10

First, if you’re into anime series filled with both music and fighting, this show is for you and will never break your expectations. Second, well researched when it comes to the relics presented on the show had has a good choice of matching technology of both future and past. Last, good amount of fight with good battle BGM and good character songs played during the battle.


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