Sexy Oppai Mousepad Featuring Date A Live Character

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We all like oppai. Who wouldn’t? If you are a fan of Date A Live anime and love oppai, then all the more you should get yourself one of these oppai mousepad featuring characters from Date A Live. Now, you might be wanting a Yoshino and Kotori version. But let’s face it, they are flat chested loli, they will never have a oppai mousepad version. Anyway, these things ain’t cheap, it cost around 3,857 yen according to Amazon.

As for me, my current mousepad is starting to get old, so I might be getting myself either Tohka or Kurumi version.

By the way, for airheads out there who have no idea what is oppai. It is an informal term of “Breast” used by mostly Japanese anime or the people there in Japan.

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