Persianas en Ensenada

Marketing is a set of knowledge, techniques, tools and content that are intended to promote a specific product, as well as a company or a person. It is an efficient means for a company to be well promoted and receive new clients, which help the company to enjoy profits and a higher investment margin.

In Mexico, the second largest economy in Latin America, surpassed only by Brazil, it can be seen that marketing is an essential part of the large amount of international income they have, since the services offered there, especially those that receive medical and vacation tourists, they are very diverse and capable of covering the entire demand. Today we will talk about how Mexican marketing campaigns are carried out in these two economic sectors.


Ads through social networks: Attract tourists from all over the world

Digital marketing is the means of promoting the company of the 21st century, because through this means it is possible to reach a large number of clients, either at a national level through positioning in search engines, such as international, as a result of the orientation that can be given to an advertisement.

In the holiday tourism sector, ads on social networks are especially effective in attracting customers, since the public can access them and find out about new promotions without the need to be in the country to which they are going to travel, in addition to the fact that, Because today it is easier than ever to contact people from other countries through international dialing codes, foreign tourists can ask for Mexican vacation services without problems.

Even older adults who are looking for a retirement homes in Mexico, either because they have planned it or because there is some aspect of the country that they would like to take advantage of after retirement, turn to social networks to find out about this type of service, managing to find offers attractive and, in this way, successfully fulfill this dream.


Billboards: Local marketing strategy par excellence

Although international tourism generates interesting income for Mexico, it is true that there are businesses that are more profitable to attract customers locally because they are not able to serve too many customers, or simply because the vast majority of the public that can use their services is in the same country or city where the business is located.

These companies take advantage of particular marketing media that are more functional for this purpose, as is the case with the billboards that are on the avenues, an orthodontist in Tijuana, during his first years of work, usually goes to these media in what his businesses can be adapted to serve medical tourists.

As you can see, tourism marketing in Mexico is one of the most complete in the world, because through the use of its tourist attractions and due to the large number of people with a tendency to request these services, it is possible to obtain very high income there. juicy through this business.